A Brand New look of Mega Catering

Recently, Mega Catering changed its brand for the first time on Monday, January 6, 2023.

This new look is a reflection of Mega Catering’s relentless development, which focuses on three main areas: quality, service and food standards. Mega Catering is recognized by HACCP Food Standards N709734, which indicates that the company is constantly evolving to provide every customer with a quality experience.

In addition, Mega Catering has come up with a new slogan, BEYOND CATERING, which is the common vision of the company that is continuing to expand new services that Mega Catering does not. Not only food supply, but also many other services such as event planning services, decoration services, stage and music services, equipment rental services, etc.

Mega Catering provide varieties of service including:
– Canteen Catering
– Mobile Catering
– Food Box
– Heavy Buffet
– Brazilian Steak
– Refreshment / Canape / Finger Food
– Box Refreshment
– Live Station Cooking
– Wedding Catering
– Renting Food Equipment
– Event Organizing
– etc…

Facebook page www.facebook.com/megacateringeventandwedding/
Facebook page www.facebook.com/megacanteencatering/
Contact: 069 33 55 60 / 099 33 55 60

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