Celebrating Achievements: Reflecting on Mega F&B’s Go Green Performance

At Mega F&B, we believe that recognizing success is just as important as achieving it. On December 25th, 2023, we culminated a successful year for our sustainability initiatives with a unique company-wide event: the Go Green Annual Performance Review and Holiday Celebration.

This special event served a dual purpose. First, it provided a platform for all Mega F&B subsidiaries and their teams to collaboratively review progress towards our core environmental values. This review process allowed us to assess the implementation of our green initiatives throughout the year, identify areas for improvement, and celebrate the achievements that have brought us closer to our sustainability goals.

Following the review session, the celebratory spirit truly took hold. Under the festive twinkle of the Christmas night sky, we hosted a delightful gathering for all employees. This festive occasion served as a perfect opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our teams in driving positive environmental change.

By combining performance review and celebration, Mega F&B fostered a culture of recognition and appreciation for our employees’ contributions to sustainability. This approach not only motivates continued commitment to our Go Green initiatives but also strengthens team spirit and camaraderie within the company.

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