Annual Staff Party 2023 – Night of Beyond

Like every year, Mega Catering again celebrated its annual staff retreat on 8th and 9th July 2023, at the Prek Kdat Eco Resort. Beach concept dress code was chosen last year to reflect the mutuality between staffs based in Phnom Penh and staffs based at the seaside areas. This year, the party was held at the seaside province so that everyone could finally meet and mingle together physically.

“The Night of Beyond” is the theme to describe Mega and its subsidiaries 2023 party. This theme is inspired from the continuous expansion of Mega Catering and all of its other companies, like spider web that seamlessly connected and extended. This endless development happened, all thanks to our hardworking team that has given and invested so much of their effort and love with us in order to achieve our common goal.

The whole party was catered with delicious food, surrounded with good music, and the joyful environment from lucky draw session, bringing smiles and guffaw on everyone’s face.

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