Mr. Rith Bunroath

Founder & CEO, Mega F&B Co., Ltd

CEO Message

Mega Catering was founded in 2016 with the passion and belief that I have always had for this industry. Right after an oversea business trip, I realized the importance of the Catering Service to the welfare and productivity of modern life. I saw food courts and staff cafeterias everywhere, especially within the office buildings. Only then did I realize how much people abroad value food safety and the productivity that comes from daily mealtime at work. Instead, in Cambodia, I see a lack of standard catering providers as well as a lack of understanding about what this service could do to bring more value to the factories, companies, and their staffs. As a consequence of that, I decided to start this Catering business with the desire to make an improvement in the market. Cambodia is a developing country; therefore, a highly productive workforce is crucial to supporting such immense growth. Within our standard service, Mega provides high-quality food to our client’s employees to promote their well-being through food choice and to increase their work productivity through time-saving management and food safety control.

Mega Catering aims to provide the best catering consultation, high-quality food, and excellent service at an affordable price to its clients. While proclaiming this ambition, we did make it a reality. Mega Catering has achieved the proudest success by being certified in food safety and hygiene control by HACCP, the world’s recognized systematic preventive approach to food safety. This achievement could not have come into existence if it were not for the hard work of our people. I could not be more grateful to see the team work collaboratively under one mission and to be the best for our customers.

Mega Catering categorizes our services into seven categories: Canteen Catering, Mobile Catering, Mini Corporate Lunch Buffet, Food Box Catering, Food Court, Wedding Catering, and Event Planning. We are delighted to provide our service to both corporate business partners and retail partners so that we can be part of their business success and individual happiness.

Our Vision

  • We always support healthy and long-living concept through food supply; therefore, to provide high quality and standardize food to the customer is our priority.
  • We commit to provide the best catering consultation to the customers by our professional and helpful team.

Our Mission

  • Responsive and helpful customer service and high-quality food is our main mission to ensure the customer satisfaction.
  • Keeping the promise with our customer is our team’s ethic. 
  • Equip our staffs with necessary new knowledge is also part of our mission, because we strongly believe in Human Resource Development.

Core Value

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Result Oriented
  • Innovation
  • Support Over Control
  • Partnership

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